Being perceived is a desperate attempt to hide. Perceiving is a desperate attempt to perceive.
Inspired by the Samuel Beckett scripted film Film, this performance explores through the movement the need and the fear of the perception, of the interaction.

The main character, O, is continuously stared by a mechanical eye. Life becomes a high level of self-consciousness, where everything that is around him perceives him.

Arianna Economou presents a combination of movement, soundscape and video. ‘Breathing Eye’ probes the relationship and boundaries between movement – senses, self – other, memory – present moment. Having the principle of George Berkeley, used by Samuel Beckett at the beginning of the short film Film (1965), esse est percipi (To be means to be perceived) as a starting point, Economou perceives the only script written by Becket and more precisely the character of O, as another body, and explores a choreographic approximation of him.

Solo performance by Arianna Economou

performance, research, dramaturgy, writing : Arianna Economou
curation, research : Evagoras Vanezis
sound design, composition : Yiannis Christofides
visuals, assistant director: Maud Nivet
documentation and film of performance: Justyna Ataman
dramaturgy advisor: Petros Konnaris
Production: Echo Arts

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