Physics, IT for statistics, theatre as an amateur actor and performance photography.

Wine and food, reading, sometimes writing, playing theatre and photography storytelling have been my passions for long.

I studied Physics and after that I’ve been working for 22 years in the Italian National Statistics Institute, coding and projecting mostly web oriented applications.

Then I left, attracted by Cyprus and its Mediterranean nature. I live in Nicosia, next to the checkpoint. I love having connections with both communities, Turkish and Greek speaking, with the hope to see the division transformed soon in a peaceful proximity.

In 2020, during the social chaos of the pandemic, I started taking photos of performative arts, methodically. Ephemeral arts need a narrative, this is what I am trying to do.

I’ve always been and I still am culturally and politically active. I believe in differences as out best wealth, I prefer questions to answers.

Photos of art don’t produce a significant income. Every kind of support is welcome.

For collaboration, support, informations, please write to moc.otohporaccavoigresnull@ofni.

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