A spy story, finds in houses belonging to spies or spies’ families, a war still dividing a land, a Cypriot story. Echo-Arts / Arianna Economou presents a palimpsest performance around the theme of desertion,
absence of human life at the core centres of our towns, through time.

A large number of family houses at the centre of our towns remain empty and abandoned, left to decay attracting squatters and animal life amidst the unkept profuse growth of shrubs and trees where nature has overwhelmed the architecture.

With reference to two chosen abandoned houses: Compton Mackenzie no.27, a 60’s residence of the deceased Marie Kazandjian, and Prometheus no.4, the residence of the diseased poet and diplomat Nicos Kranidiotis. The artists / performers will respond through their own memory and experiences the themes of abandonment, displacement and desertion.

Concept / Idea: Pantelis Georgiou / Arianna Economou
Direction/ Choreography: Arianna Economou
Video: Maud Nivet
Video and Installations: Maud Nivet & Arianna Economou
Performers / Creative Participation: Georgia Constantinou, Annie Khoury, Petros Konnaris, Alexia Nicolaou, Anastasia Paschali
Sound / Texts / Dramaturgy: Arianna Economou
Technical Support: George Lazoglou
Production: Echo-Arts

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