Reverence to the Sun

Insecurities, fear, confusion and pessimism are caused by the life experiences a person has in a society. Her environment seems threatening and dark. Reconnecting with nature, with the sun and his natural state helps her to go inside her soul to dispel the fog and let her inner flame shine. For her and everything that surrounds her.

Once There Was A Forest

A performance about a world gradually diminishing, dedicated in memory of a lost forest. A performer on stage creates an ever-changing landscape using natural and man-made materials, and invites you to look at how fragile and temporary the world has become.


Δημιουργείν (Create) deals with the effort to understand this phenomenon, that is, to create. This performance is the result of a research intention regarding the evolutionary process of production as well as the driving force of the producer.


How many surfaces do we go through as human beings in our everyday life? The performance deals with the human desire and need to create groups, to belong and to adjust in those.

Maria Farrar

Brecht tries to take us away from the primary and instinctive reaction to the issue of paedophilia. He suggests us to approach the mother–killer man, through sensitivity, understanding and humanity.


The artist Lenia Georgiou leaded Fief, a group performance in the only place where Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots can meet, see each other, talk to each other, perform together.

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