The strange sound of silence

In the first summer of the Sars-Cov-2 pandemic, the Republic of Cyprus closed de facto the access to and from the North of the island, despite they recognise the people living there as their citizens and the very low spread of the virus in that permanently isolated world.

Artists in Progress 2020

By establishing the body’s presence within the space and time of the spectator as the workshop’s central axis, participants came in conversation with the image, the object and the relational connections that are produced, in order to expand their mode of practice into a new vocabulary of tools, values and notions provided by the field of performance art.


With numb bodies and uncertain looks, we discovered new parts of ourselves, we looked for new ways to create. By exchanging conventional, expected bodily moments, recognizing and breaking the conveniences of bodies, placing dancers in more difficult stories that did not belong to them,

No emotions

Like a novel’s first paragraph, facial expressions always give clues about a performance. A dancers face is without a doubt the most powerful tool to convey personality, to add nuance to a role and develop a deeper connection with the audience.

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