In the first summer of the Sars-Cov-2 pandemic, the Republic of Cyprus closed de facto the access to and from the North of the island, despite they recognise the people living there as their citizens and the very low spread of the virus in that permanently isolated world.

Nicosia, Derviş Paşa Sokak
Nicosia, Girne Caddesi
Nicosia, Lokmacı
Funny guy of Nıcosia that everyone knows
Nicosia, checkpoint officers at the Lokmacı square
Nicosia, Arasta market
Nicosia, Aysu’s Cakes & Bakery
Nicosia, pastry chef
Nicosia, Canteen Sandwich Bar
Nicosia, Restaurant Sabor
Nicosia, Restaurant Sabor
Nicosia, Büyük Han area cares
Nicosia, the Büyük Han tradıtıonal café
Nicosia, Büyük Han
Nicosia, Hoi Polloi
Nicosia, Ballı
Nicosia, Lokmacı shops
Nicosia, children are children everywhere in the same way
Nicosia, Hoi Polloi
Nicosia, Hoi Polloi
Nicosia, Hoi Polloi
Famagosta, Lala Mustafa Paşa Camii
Famagusta, urban cyclist having a break in the shade
Nicosia, Zahra Sokak
Nicosia, Büyük Han
Nıcosıa, wall painting
Girne, Diana Beach
Girne, fisherman’s boats
Girne, Old Harbour
Girne, nightlife
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