Far, far away, distant from the cities, away from the division, the Karpas Peninsula is a corner of paradise.

The sweet country is silent and uncontaminated, the sky is immense, the seaside is blue and wild.

Donkeys roaming around, asking for carrots or fruit, are apparently the main inhabitants of the peninsula. But there’s a village… well, not a village, a road where a church, a mosque and a few country houses are slightly concentrated.

Yes, a church and a mosque. Dipkarpaz or Ριζοκάρπασο is a village hosted in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus where the people speak mostly Greek.

A small road, I was telling. There’s a fruit shop, a barber shop, a convenience store and five cafés. One is mostly closed. Another one sells orange juices only. Another one has coffee and sandwiches, not alcohol. Another one has beer, but not food. The last has food but not beer.

Yes, unless you are there in the tourist season, it’s difficult to find food there.

The Karpas Peninsula is a dream place.

Karpas Peninsula

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