Kartses / Pins is a homage to Christoforos Savva, inspired by three of his works: Circles and Squares, Sphere and Rising Form. A dance–performance, upon observing the fluidity, the play of light and movement within the thickly inhabited canvas of pins of the works by Christoforos Savva.

Rising Form (1967-68), Circles and Squares (1967-68) and Sphere (1968) are works using Pins inserted across stretched canvas on Styrofoam. They belong to the a series of 14 works by Christoforos Savva , presented first at the Goethe Institute retrospective and then at the 34th Venice Biennial in 1968. The pins mark a new phase in Savva’s endless search for new forms, colour and techniques.

Choreography: Arianna Economou
Dancers: Georgia Constantinou, Alexia Nicolaou, Panayiotis Tofi
Music: Antonis Antoniou
SPEL – State Gallery of Contemporary Art, Nicosia

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